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Do you think of me (Slomotion ReMix):

(Creation Date: 31.01. 2002)

4:32 min [103 BPM]

Mixed down: 05.01.2002 (Instrumental) 10.05. 2002 (Full Version with vocals)

Used <Equipment>:

Drums: Yamaha PSR-4500,Cubase
Keyboard: Yamaha PSR-4500, Yamaha DX-7
Synths: PC (Cubase), TS 404
Guitar: Overland

<Lyrics>: <TweakerRay> / <H. Gunawan>

Vocals: <TweakerRay>

Guitars & Programming: <TweakerRay>


Slomotion-ReMix of Do you think of me. Remixed by <TweakerRay>.

The basic idea of this ReMix was a loop of the original Drums played half speed.
This Mix first was an instrumental and had a length of 2:29 min, but finally got
the orignial vocals in a new Mix.Some Guitars of the original were placed in it
with new SFX and also some new drums with much reverb. The first instrumental
was made at 06:00 CET in the morning...

Further infos of Do you think of me available <here>.
And infos of the first ReMix of Do you think of me available <here>.
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