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SPITE: Experimental industrial. Located in: Europe --> Germany --> Hamburg

Founded in: 04.11.1999 Members: <H. Gunawan> / <TweakerRay>

Time Table:

04.11.1999 The first song Waiting was created.
21.03.2000 Do you think of me was created.
11.04.2000 Amsterdam (M. Version) was created as demoversion.
07.05.2000 The first Waiting (Rough Amiga ReMix) was made with the amiga 500.
Not on the Album.
10.05.2000 One instrumental song, later called Landscape was created.
15.05.2000 Extreme was mixed the first time. Too much Low frequencys.
24.05.2000 Extreme mixed the 2nd time... (Still too much.)
28.05.2000 The battle (Instrumental) was created. (Non Album Track).
01.06.2000 Do you think of me (Ambient Chamber ReMix) was created.
Based on one Loop created with the Yamaha PSR-4500.
12.06.2000 Extreme mixed the 3rd time. Still not the final mix.
17.06.2000 Final Mix of Extreme V4
29.06.2000 Based on Drums created with Rebirth the instrumental Rebirth was created.
12.07.2000 Revenge was created.
14.10.2000 With new drums of the PC the Waiting (Rough Amiga ReMix) was reconstructed and mixed to Waiting (The new ReMix)
21.10.2000 The Demoversion of Amsterdam was rebuilded with new vocals to: Amsterdam (G.-Version)
12.11.2000 Untitled was created... but won't be finished...maybe in the future ?!
01.12.2000 Revenge (Nothing more to lose ReMix) was created.
06.02.2001 Waiting (Venom Vocode ReMix) exclusive on the coming CD. was created.
25.04.2001 The Cover Artwork for the Album VIRUS goes into final stage.
15.05.2001 The Album <VIRUS> is finished. 11 Tracks with 6 side booklet.
10.05.2002 First new sounds of SPITE !!! With an ReMix of DO YOU THINK OF ME (Slomotion Version)

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