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Another great remixes by E 150-d in our <Songs> - Section. Check out also <The War / Extreme V4 ReMixes> on <www.tweakerray.de>.


We've got two really exciting remixes by <Allicorn> and <Radman>. Check them out in our <Songs> - Section. You can also Remix Extreme V4. Just download the ReMixkit and follow the instructions above. Thanks to all ReMixers !


Another ReMix pack for you ! This time you can remix: Extreme V4. This is the instrumental which was used in Hanin Elias <Future Noir> for her Track War / Extreme V4. So be sure to don't waste this chance to get the exclusive tracks of that song.

1. Download the ReMix-kit of the SPITE song: Extreme V4.
2. Make a Remix of that song. Do whatever you want with it !
3. Send a mp3 of your remix (with the remix name and your band or project) at:

because of spam a grafik.

The best remixes will be placed here with your name on the SPITE page. All winners will get a signed CD of The SPITE Album: <Virus>.

Download: <Extreme V4 ReMix-Kit> (38.4 MB).

Or you can still remix the SPITE Song: Do you think of me: Download this remixkit, make a remix and send a mp3 of your remix (with the remix name and your band or project) at:

Download: <Do you think of me ReMix-Kit> (39.5 KB).

Download: <Do you think of me (Vocals only)> (4.3 MB).


TweakerRay is working on the new <Kiew ReMix>: Flügel. Check out <www.tweakerray.de> for further informations. Spite will be starting this year to work on their second album. So stay tuned.

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