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Extreme V4:

(Creation Date: 15.05. 2000)

4:05 min [140 BPM]

Mixed down: 15.05. 2000 V1 / 24.05. 2000 V2 / 12.06. 2000 V3 / 17.06. 2000 V4

Used <Equipment>:

Drums: (PC) Rebirth One
Keyboard: Yamaha PSR-4500
Synths: PC
Guitar: Overland

Lyrics: (Instrumental)

Vocals: none

Guitars & Programming: <TweakerRay>


Rough instrumental with distorted drums in Techno-Industrial Style.
Performed & produced by <TweakerRay>
Mixed 4 times, because of disliked too strong sub-sounds which crashed everything.
This song is also one of Hanin Elias favorites of Spite, and so we decided to use this song
for one of the new tracks for Hanins new Album.
More of the work of Hanin Elias and TweakerRay can be found here: <www.tweakerray.de>.
This is Track 11 on the album <VIRUS>.

More information about the <ReMix> by Mysterymachine.
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