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Extreme V4 - mystery of space ReMix by Mysterymachine

(Creation Date: 08.08.2005)

3:53min [140 BPM]

Mixed down: 17.08.2005 + 18.08.2005

Used Equipment by <Mysterymachine>:

Sequenzing: Cubase
Drums: Emu Xtreme lead, Boss Powerdriver, Aphex Aural Exiter, Emu E6400 Sampler
Hihats, Snare and other Percussions: Emu Mo'Phatt, Emu Proteus 2000
Synths: Access Virus B

Lyrics: (Instrumental / Original by SPITE)

Vocals: none

Original Mix of <Extreme V4> by: <TweakerRay>
Instrumental Version also with Hanin Elias also on the Album <Futur Noir>.

Notes by Mysterymachine:

From the original Song I only used the Strings and the Basstrack. First I only knew the Song from the <Futur Noir> -Album that TweakerRay made with Hanin Elias. After finishing the remix I found out that It was originally a Spite-Song. So, I tried to make the song a bit more deeper/melodic but still dark cause thats the Style of <Futur Noir>.

The original Mix of this Track is on the album <VIRUS>.
More of Mysterymachine can be found here: <www.mysterymachine.de>.
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