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Extreme V4 - ReMix by Radman

(Creation Date: 13.11.2005)

7:05min [140 BPM]

Mixed down: 18.11.2005

Used Equipment by <Radman>:

Reason 3.0 - everything gets made in reason. basslines, drums, drum rolls, windups, melodies... the whole thing. i then piece up all the loops and rearrange them and master them in..

Magix Music Maker 7

Filterwork: Traktor DJ Studio 2 - this is actually the software i use for Live events, but it has this rockin filter that is so comfortable to use live. so i sometimes play the loop of interest in one of the channels and just mess with the Filter until it's perfect and record it straight out of there. it's a more hands on approach than just drawing in a filter line.

Lyrics: (Instrumental / Original by SPITE)

Vocals: none

Original Mix of <Extreme V4> by: <TweakerRay>
Instrumental Version also with Hanin Elias also on the Album <Futur Noir>.

Notes by Radman:

I worked on the whole track for about 1 week with a lot of limitations, which made it even funner: I made it without the use of my keyboard since I just moved and haven't unpacked it.I made the whole thing in my headphones since I usually soundcheck my tracks with my car stereo, but my car was being repaired for the whole week.

I wanted to try a new approach and decided to listen to the pieces only, at first, that way I wouldn't get a tainted idea of where the high points and low points of the original song were.I only kept the strings and one of the acid-like noises. Also to kick it up i added the grungie guitar loop in the end.I usualy take commercial tracks when I remix and make them into something a bit more abstract... since I was feeling something different here i wanted to reverse this also. So I tried to make this track and the vocals especially as commercial sounding as possible.

The original Mix of this Track is on the album <VIRUS>.
More of Radman can be found here: <www.myspace.com/thomasradmane>.
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