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Extreme V4 - ReMix by Allicorn

(Creation Date: 19.11.2005)

4:39 min [100 BPM]

Mixed down: 20.11.2005

Used Equipment by <Allicorn>:

Sequencer: Jeskola Buzz <www.buzzmachines.com>

Lyrics: (Instrumental / Original by SPITE)

Vocals: none

Original Mix of <Extreme V4> by: <TweakerRay>
Instrumental Version also with Hanin Elias also on the Album <Futur Noir>.

Notes by <Allicorn>:

I felt the dissonant sequence of strings on the original track were very dramatic and going fully orchestral on that theme, with brass an' all, would be quite unusual and interesting. The rest of the track just pretty much flowed from there without any planning. A bit of help from <TweakerRay> was needed to sort out the ending, but I'm fairly satisfied with it now, even though its a lot more 'happy' sounding than the original track!

The original Mix of this Track is on the album <VIRUS>.
More of Allicorn can be found <here>.
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