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Extreme V4 - ReMix by E 150-d

(Creation Date: 30.10.2005)

4:39 min [100 BPM]

Mixed down: 02.11.2005

Used Equipment by E 150-d:
Drums percussion and other noises: (PC) Magix Music Maker 2005 (deluxe),
a damaged vinyldisk (noises)
Strings and Hihats: Technics KN 700 PCM Keyboard

Sequenzing: Magix Music Maker 2005 (deluxe)

Lyrics: (Instrumental / Original by SPITE)

Vocals: none

Original Mix of <Extreme V4> by: <TweakerRay>
Instrumental Version also with Hanin Elias also on the Album <Futur Noir>.

Notes by E 150-d:

from the original song i jused:
the gituar (original and in another order)
the adittional synths (as a general bassline)
the destroyed synths ( original and in another order)
the bassstring (original)

at first i created new drums and new strings (i love melodic strings), then i took
some samples from the remixkit and distort them...
... thats it!

The original Mix of this Track is on the album <VIRUS>.

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