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(Creation Date: 12.07 2000)

3:22 min [102 BPM]

Mixed down: 01.12. 2000

Used <Equipment>:

Drums: (PC) (Rebirth One) , (Magix Music Studio)
Keyboard: Yamaha PSR-4500 , Casio VL-1 Tone
Synths: PC
Guitar: Overland

<Lyrics>: <TweakerRay> / <H. Gunawan>

Vocals: <TweakerRay>

Guitars & Programming: <TweakerRay>


In this Song the little Casio VL-1 Tone makes some noise ...
It was written after a hard time in my old Job...
This is Track 03 on the album <VIRUS>.

Further infos of Revenge (Nothing more to lose ReMix) available <here>.
Also infos of Revenge (GOTT ReMix III Edit Version) available <here>.
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