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Revenge (GOTT ReMix III Edit Version):

(Creation Date: 06.01. 2003)

Additional production and remix by: THE ECHO of <GOTT>

4:12 min [132 BPM]

Mixed down: 06.01. 2003

Used Equipment:

Drums: (Samples, and Spite samples)
Synths: TS-404
Samples manipulated with: Tuareg

<Lyrics>: <TweakerRay> / <H. Gunawan>

Vocals: <TweakerRay>

Guitars & Programming: <TweakerRay>


Originally I 've made 3 remixes of Revenge, this is the most experimental i think,
to the other ones I decided to give them some electronic touch, but to make this remix I
thought in another way. The first thing that I made was: breaking the voice into
fragments to use the pieces that I wanted, then some edition details in the guitar.
The main difference of this remix with the others is the tempo, this is the quickest.
Also I must say that the orignal remix is longer than this, so TweakerRay decided
to make a Edit Version for the web. Basically the work of this remix is a work of
cuts and edits, before and after the final mix.

Some Details: The background choirs are made with the TweakerRay voice , and i made a
loop puint so this can be used in any keyboard.

I really enjoy making this remix, so I hope that SPITE and GOTT can continue working
together, because it was a good experience.I also want to say thanks to Martin
(the webmaster of Cold And Grey: <www.coldandgrey.com>), because he told me about
the project SPITE. And so we came into contact.

The Echo.

Further infos of Revenge (Original Mix) available <here>.
Also infos of the first ReMix: Revenge (Nothing more to lose ReMix) available <here>.

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